Becoming a Freemason

The usual way to become a Freemason, is to be introduced and recommended by someone you already know to be a member. This is usually a close relation (father, uncle, brother) or someone who has known you for some time, and can vouch for your intentions in wishing to join.

Should this not apply in your case, it would not necessarily be a barrier to your joining, but we would need to do our best to ensure that you would be comfortable as a member, would enjoy the experience, and that you would also be an asset to Freemasonry.

Members have to have a Religious belief, a belief in God (this can be a Supreme Being of a recognised faith), be of mature age (over the age of 21), and able to fulfill the financial obligations of a Mason in terms of costs of membership.

Successful applicants therefore tend to be well established domestically, settled in a secure job, and prepared to commit time to Freemasonry.

Whatever age you are, it’s never too late to become a Freemason, however, we are concerned to ensure that young men of good character who would benefit from, and can contribute to the future of the Order, are not lost to our fraternity.

If you feel able to conform to the above requirements, and would like to take things further enter your details below including your address and telephone number.

We can then make further contact, and arrange a meeting.