Knole Club

The Knole Club is a social group formed in 2000 whose aims are to invite widows of former Masons, as well as retired or semi-retired Masons, to meet at intervals throughout each year so that widows and others would not be forgotten and a closer relationship established by them with serving Brethren and their wives on social occasions.

To meet those aims and objectives the members of the Knole Club have arranged coffee mornings, luncheons, coach outings, weekend trips etc. to which those widows, retired and semi-retired Brethren would be invited as well as all the members of the Knole Club.

The first of the social occasions was a coffee morning held on 29 February 2000 at the Miramar Hotel, East Cliff, Bournemouth and the Club has continued to prosper.

This year a wonderful weekend at Eastbourne was enjoyed by all who went.

For further information contact :-
The Knole Club Secretary
Freemasons’ Hall
Knole Road